Vriesenhof Vineyards in Stellenbosch


Vriesenhof Vineyards

Vriesenhof, Stellenbosch. Former Springbok Jan Boland Coetzee’s “pinot noir is worth the journey alone. The 2011 grenache is also worth tasting”.

The way the foothills of the Stellenbosch Mountains push down into the valley, with its well-drained soils and height above sea level. The orientation toward the sun and the airflow at different heights above the slope give rise to exceptional growing conditions for a variety of cultivars.

At Vriesenhof, the art of winemaking is a fascinating journey that begins in the vineyards and ends with the enjoyment that accompanies a raised glass. Follow this journey and you will most certainly pause for reflection in the solitude of the Vriesenhof cellars. Traditional wood maturation methods combine effortlessly with modern fermentation processes. Add to this an ageing process that takes place in a setting disturbed only by the patient ticking of the clock and the artistry of the winemaker at work and you’ll soon understand why Vriesenhof consistently delivers wines of true Stellenbosch origin.

Vriesenhof Chardonnay – Aromas of lemon and lime with some dried pear. A beautiful creaminess with sweet brioche and almond with lingering green apple and citrus on the aftertaste.

Vriesenhof Grenache – Beautiful fruitful aromas of raspberry and blackberry with an undercurrent of oak. Rich flavours of raspberry, strawberry and vanilla are overlaid with cinnamon and white pepper on the mid palate with a finish of smoky leather and dried peach.

Vriesenhof Pinot Noir – Beautiful aromas of red cherries, plum and peach with a hint of cinnamon. Wonderful earthen tones, minerality with dried apricot and cherries. The wine can be enjoyed with meat dishes like lamb or venison or fish like tuna or Norwegian salmon. The best temperature to serve the wine is between 12 and 14 º C.

Paradyskloof Grenache – The wine has a wonderful aroma of cherries and raspberries with a wisp of rose geranium. Beautiful strawberries and dried peach with leather and white pepper on the palate. Medium bodied in style, it has great texture and mouth feel and a long finish.

Vriesenhof is characterised by an authentic approach to winemaking, all honed to perfection by its master winemaker, Jan Boland Coetzee. Best known as a rugby legend with a killer scrumming tactic, Jan Boland is also often dubbed the “Father of Pinot Noir” and his influence on Vriesenhof is felt everywhere – from the handpicked grapes to the personal care taken during the vinification process.

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