Still Bay is a beautiful place to visit

Still Bay is a beautiful place to visit

Still Bay is a beautiful place to visit

Still Bay is a beautiful place to visit with so much to see and plenty to do , but there are two fishy attractions in Stilbaai which are a must see. The beach is lovely, peaceful and relaxing and there are awesome hiking trails.

Right alongside the beach you will find the Stilbaai Fish Traps which were made by the Khoisan a good 3000 years ago to catch fish for food. These rock pool traps have been maintained over the years and is now a popular place to bring the kids for an afternoon of fun and fishing, all you need to do is bring your fishing nets along with you and catch what you can.

While on the fishy topic, have you ever heard of a tame Eel? Well neither had I, until I came across the Stilbaai eels or otherwise known as the Pallingat eels due to their location. If you take a trip to the Tourism Bureau in Still Bay, you will find them in the pond outside which is fed by the natural Pallingat fountain.

The staff will tell you how the conditions here seem to be absolutely ideal for the eels to live and breed and this is the only place in South Africa where you will see such a large concentration of eels in one spot, especially tame ones. Although this is not their natural habitat and usual breeding ground, the environment here seems to suit their purpose and I am told they have been living here for a good 125 years which is rather impressive.

On any day of the week at 11h00, apart from Sundays, you can witness feeding time for the eels. They happily munch on chicken livers which seem to be a tasty treat for them. If you happen to be in Still Bay or near the area, you should definitely pop in for this unique experience.

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    Klein Reefontein is a luxurious self catering house standing by itself in complete privacy right next to the sea. Located between Still Bay and Jongensfontein, only 6 km from Still Bay, it enjoys breathtaking views.

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