Come See the Diversity of 2 of South Africa’s National Parks in the South East

Addo Elephant National Park

Addo Elephant National Park

A. Addo Elephant National Park, B. Mountain Zebra National Park

— Addo Elephant National Park: – Eastern Cape South Africa

Within the bushveld of the Sundays River valley of the Eastern Cape lies the Addo Elephant National Park.

The evenings are filled with howls of the black-backed jackal, and the taranatal.

Elephants are safe from persecution, they now roam in peace.

The original Part of the Elephant section of the park was proclaimed in 1931, with only 11 elephants that remained in the area.

Today this sanctuary has over 450 elephants, Cape buffalo, black rhino, many antelope species, unique dung beetle.

The Park was expanded from the 164 000 ha to a 360 000 ha mega-park.

Future plans includes a 120 000 ha (296 500 acre) marine reserve.

Mammals in the Addo Elephant National Park:

The Addo Elephant Park offers some of the best elephant viewing in the world. The Addo’s over 450 elephants will take your breath away.

The conservation of the endangered 48 black rhino occurring here.

400 + Cape buffalo are seen more often during the day because of the lion reintroduction. This is the largest disease-free Cape buffalo herds in South Africa.

Six lions and Spotted hyenas were re-introduced into the park in late 2003 and have adapted well to their new environment. They will restoring the natural balance of the ecosystems in the park by controlling the numbers of herbivores.

Antelope species in the park include red hartebeest and eland. The Burchell’s zebra are found in the park. Warthogs are abundant. Look out for the flightless dung beetle on the road in the Addo Elephant National Park. The beetles are only seen when it is not too hot and play an important role in recycling elepant dung.

Tips and Hints when visiting Addo Elephant National Park:

Swimming pool for guests only, Hot days at waterholes are best for elephant viewing, Black rhino are most often spotted at sundown, Lions and hyenas are most often seen in the early morning, No citrus fruits may be taken into the wildlife viewing area.

— Mountain Zebra National Park: – Eastern Cape South Africa

The Bankberg embrace the Mountain Zebra National Park rolling plains and deep valleys.

The proclamation of the park was in 1937 to saved these animals of the region from extinction, and currently their zebra population stands at 300.

Other mammals are Cape buffalo, black rhino, eland, black wildebeest, red hartebeest and gemsbok. Caracal is the primary predator.

Birding in Mountain Zebra National Park:

Martial Eagle and Jackal Buzzard soar impressively over this mountain habitat.

Pale-winged Starling, Ostrich, Secretarybird, Blue Crane and Ludwig’s Bustard more visible species.

The Grey-winged Francolin, Ground Woodpecker, Eastern Long-billed Lark, Mountain Wheatear and Orange-breasted Rockjumper should also be searched for.

The African Rock Pipit is not common.

Tips and Hints when visiting Mountain Zebra National Park:

Warm clothes are essential for the winter months, Visitors can only alight from vehicles at restcamp, picnic spots and certain marked areas, Motorcycles or bicycles are not allowed, Medical, pharmaceutical, vehicle repair and police services available in Cradock.

Other Advice:

1. Remember to bring along a hat, walking shoes, sun block, camera, binoculars and bird and mammal reference books. Hikers on both nature trails and overnight trail must carry sufficient water.

2. Bring along binoculars, camera, walking shoes and wildlife reference books.

3. Insect repellant is recommended, especially in summer.

4. No immunizations are needed for travel to this park. The park is situated in a malaria-free area.

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